Euro Asia Civil Engineering Forum EACEF is an independent non-profit organization, founded in 2006. The organization has set up a committee to run daily activities, including the organization of the 6th International Conference (to be held in 2017).

The main objectives of EACEF are outlined below:

  1. To be a forum of exchange between engineers and academics from Europe and Asia which have different experiences in research, practice, and standards.
  2. Hold biannually an International Conference either in Asia or Europe.
  3. Promote international collaboration on sustainable building, green technology, and green construction with respect to global warming.
  4. Publicise the outstanding works of engineers and/or architects through exhibitions, workshops, and seminars held either in Europe or Asia.
  5. Publish an international Journal (in future)

Scope of Expertise
Civil Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines and expertise. Therefore, the committee would like to highlight contributions to its objectives from any of the groups below:

  1. Geotechnical Engineering
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Materials in Civil Engineering
  4. Construction Management and Engineering
  5. Infrastructure (Transportation, Sanitation, and Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Management