• Jarit DE GIJT Delft University of Technology


Port authories and other organisations involved in designing and building of port infrastructure are at first glance interested in predicting adequatly the expected costs. This paper discusses the costs development of quay walls versus time. The basis for the costs development of quay walls is discussed on the basis of two methods. The MTI method and MII method. These methods are compared and discussed. Further a database with the construction costs of approximately three hundred quay walls from between 1850 to 2008 enables the composition of relations of the construction costs for several countries and port cities. In addition also relations are developed for different types of quay walls. With the developed model predictions can be made for the costs of quay walls in the future under the assumptions of certain boundary conditions. In addition to the initial costs also the the overall costs are including the effects of lifecycle concepts. Finally some conclusions and recommendations for the application of the developed model are presented and for further research.

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