• Dian Mariska Petra Christian University, Surabaya
  • Andi Andi Petra Christian University, Surabaya
  • Ratna S. Alifen Petra Christian University, Surabaya


The construction project has traditionally been described as dangerous, hard and difficult because almost all of the activities are done outdoor. Hence women are not generally encouraged to make professional career in it. The objective of this research is to identify women’s career and the influence factors in constructions project. Primary data for this research were drawn by conducting questionnaire survey to personnel who worked in contractor, consultant and developer companies. The results show that women prefer to choose a career in the consultant compared to contractor and developer companies. Attention to detail is identified to be supporting factor, in which the respondents agree that women are better than men regarding to the factor. Women are found more working in the office than in the field. Their works mostly are dealing with design, estimation, quantity surveying, cost control and contract, where attention to detail is required. Some factors were found to be barriers for women working in contractors and developers, but not in consultants.

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MARISKA, Dian; ANDI, Andi; S. ALIFEN, Ratna. WOMEN CAREER and FACTORS INFLUENCING in CONSTRUCTION. EACEF - International Conference of Civil Engineering, [S.l.], v. 1, p. 158, aug. 2011. Available at: <http://proceeding.eacef.com/ojs/index.php/EACEF/article/view/172>. Date accessed: 14 aug. 2020.